It's about compromise

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Title: It's about compromise
Chapter: 1/1

Pairing: ItachiSasukeNaruto
Gendre: General - Historic - D/S (slight)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When his younger brother asked Itachi to give him the young duke Uzumaki as some kind of gift the Uchiha heir didn't think he would enjoy getting a new pet as much as he did.

Beta: CrimsonRain19

Link to:
y!gal - ff-net

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Naruto - hitai-ate

My 13

My 13
By Kitteh and NeoFox
Rating: PG - 15
Warnings: Language, violence, romance
Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto, [Itachi x Sasuke], Kakashi x Iruka, Ino x Sakura
Disclaimer: Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto
Summary: After Sasuke's departure hope had nearly been lost. Days later it was Naruto's own determination to bring him back that allowed him a chance to train in the ranks of ANBU and earn him the title of Hunter-nin. Now a year later on a quest to find the one thing he lost he runs into a mysterious person on his twelfth mission. The few traits of Akatsuki are clearly seen, but it is not the eldest Uchiha behind the Sharingan eyes.

My 13 - Ch 25
My 13 - Ch 26

New readers
My 13 Chapter Archive
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just a little bit of forum advertising

Adokenai is a close-knit, multi-fandom, forum-based community that's nearing its fifth birthday. Through its four years of life, Adokenai has struggled from the beginning to get off its feet. However, that never stopped any one member of the forum from continuing to role play; we're an enthusiastic bunch, eager to role play with new people. You'd definitely be welcome with open arms. Yes, it's an "old school" way of role playing, via forums, but I personally believe that it's more convenient than having to continuously log out of multiple LiveJournal accounts (character, personal journals). While it may not impact your interests for LJ RPing negatively or quiet your muse(s) for any particular RPG, it might for some. Whatever your preference, muses seek to be let out one way or another. They might even work better if each muse was able to work at once, within the same post, under the same account, than separately. If that doesn't affect you, that's always a good thing~

If you're interested in role playing, the least that I ask of you is to simply take a look. You are not obliged to register; that is of your decision entirely. Old blood goes into monotony, despite my efforts to make things better and less hectic for everyone else. Honestly, this is one of the few new ideas that I have left. If you, "new blood," should come and join this close knit community, sparks may as well fly. We don't mean to look or seem strict, we're simply trying to have fun. (None of our muns have ever given us any difficulty. I rarely need to enforce anything.) Plot bunnies are born, making a long list of things that never get played out. Our muses die easily this way; they seek release, which comes easier with more active participants such as yourself. We all like coming up with new ideas, more interesting RPs, and you can help by adding in your own thoughts. Your ideas, combined with our own, will be able to be taken farther if you went with them on your own, and that's always a good thing, is it not?

I urge you to take a look around. You can look through whatever fits your fancy, and if anything should catch your interest, feel free to jump in! If you've got plot bunnies of your own, share them! Some of us will be more than happy to help those bunnies grow and develop as they play out before your very own eyes. It doesn't matter if they're your own, original creations or some parody of Harry Potter or Gundam or whatever else you can name. We have many animes and original role plays that could use your muses and ideas. Whatever your fandom is, we most likely have it. Multi-fandom RPs are present and welcome to be started as well. If you're not up for that, hell, that's what PWP's for xD

P.S.: Do remember that it's never too late to join one of our RPs if you decide to join us~ We'll be waiting ^.-

RPs from each major forum:

Butterfly (anime) | Reino University (crossovers) | Steal Away (miscellaneous)

Guidelines | Character Lists | Character Resignations | Frequently Asked Questions

Mirror Mirror

OMG! I wrote a sort-of-but-not-quite-lemon thingy! The idea started with a color bar posted a few days ago. Sasu/sasu. When I replied asking what exactly that was, and how it would work, someone replied with a link to a lj-com dedicated to it. Looking around a bit, I though it could be interesting, so when I got this idea I decided to try it.

Title: Mirror Mirror
Character: Sasuke
Pairing: sasu/sasu
Genre: not sure really...twisted?
Rating: Nc-17 (or some equivalent) to be safe.
Warnings: Shippuden arc spoilers, Unbetaed.
A/N: This is my first attempt at a lemony-type thing, so tell me what I've done wrong and what can be fixed.

Summary: Sasuke catches a glimpse of himself during one of Team Hebi's breaks.

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Major update!

Hooray! I've updated my Naruto Fanfiction Masterlists with several new additions!  Now there is:
Sasunaru/Narusasu Masterlists A - I (ack. fixed the old links also.)
Uchihacest aka Itasasu/Sasuita
Itanaru/Naruita and
Mental/Physical Illness!!! 
Find them all HERE.
The mental/physical illness masterlist features any/all pairings and gen. Yaoi and Het.
I'm working on Naruhina, Narusaku etc. So I'm not making only yaoi lists lol. Next update will probably include:
Vampire/Creature Naruto-etc. (vamps, incubus, gods, cats, demons, etc. Canon and oc characters.)
Time Travel (traveling to the past/future in current body/younger body. Canon and oc characters.)
Yay for good, long fics!
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Icontest pimping!

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itachi_icontest is a newly created icon test dedicated to the one and only Uchiha Itachi from Kishimoto's anime and manga Naruto.

Now, just about everything is ready, and just need a few more bannermakers, but either way, our first official icontest will be starting this weekend. -^^- I'm actually excited! This is my first icontest that I'm actually running.

Uh... I suppose that's all ^^; So, if you're interested, please join in on the fun! Also, if you'd like to affiliate, you can poke at me too xD

Happy icon making!

x-posted like a mofo.

New Masterlists

Hi everyone. I'm crossposting this to a few other communities as well. I've made a few new Naruto fanfiction masterlists if anyone is interested. They are located here. Please take a look. ^_^
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(no subject)

With the exception of the user info (which is so kindly being done by spottedtail <3), itachi_icontest is just about ready to go! Well, first, we'd love to have all of you com and participate <3

So... I'm sorry to spam your flist, but join and make wonderful Itachi icons with us when we officially open? <3 <3

(x-posted, so I probably will spam your flist xD;)

Sharp Shards of Mirrors

I originally just had this two seperate drabbles, then I decided to put them together as a two-part oneshot.

Title: Sharp Shards of Mirrors
Character: Itachi
Pairing: Ita/Sasu if you want
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Two moments in time, seen through the warped mirror of Itachi's POV

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